Injustice, unfortunately our planet is full of with that term. It has always been challenging to live in somewhere that money reigns. We are adapted to work. We have always wanted to  reward ourselves for our effort. Whenever we say “I tried a lot and I did” how happy to us. Because after that, our reward worths.

As the advancements keep being developed, jobs created by technology came up. The jobs I mean is not software engineering or regarding to that sort of. I mean the social media “jobs”. Why do we use the social media? We use those platforms in order to get fun, spend chill hours. However some kind of things went off the rail. People established their incomes on the social media. Moreover they earn a lot that can’t be ignored. I only want to ask you a simple question. Is the money gained by surgeon after an operation full of with complication  more? Or the money gained by someone from the social media by only a single video is more? Unfortunately, we can’t realize a difference makes sense.

Our issue is that the Snapchat(A social media app) pledges to impart 1 million US Dollars daily to content producers whose contents are popular on the platform. I want to ask you that is this earning money from easier way or  earning money with enjoy? I want to start with a sentence like; If you love your job, it is always earning with enjoy. The point that differs is comparison. Compare this social media “job” with medicine again. Especially nowadays, we are all suffering from the Covid-19. We hear gloomy news regarding the deaths of health workers as well as the patients. Now consider, people work at hospital are now fighting against this virus in every single time. Conversely the people whose “job” is social media are at their homes and earning their money from EASIER way. That is the INJUSTICE. Now forget what I said related to the virus. Before the virus their job was also same. Compare them with miners. They are working underground, disasters are likely to come up. Moreover the payment they get is gloomy. That is either the INJUSTICE.

I think I demonstrated my point of view with you. Now please you compare this “job” to other ones. It is completely your turn to decide If that is the way to earn money easier or for with enjoy. You can also consider whether that is a job or not.

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