Should Online Books Be Free?

I think if online books are sold with money, it will be like the bookstore system. People will pay for the book that they buy. If it is free for everyone, it will be like an open library. I think both systems will be OK, because we have both of them in the real life. If we use just one of them, it will be worse than the current situation. Let’s give examples: If we only have the bookstore system where books are sold with money, there will be no free books. People who do not pay money for a book will not be able to read. If there is only bookstore system, then the number of book readers will decrease. If we have online books for free, just like an open library system, then people may not care about their books as they care for their bought books. People may care more for things that they pay for. In a system where online books are free, people may start a book but may not finish them or they may not care about it. Because these books are totally free. Also, writers will not earn money, and there will be less books in this system. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. At last, we should use both of them; people can choose the style they want.

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