Should Pets Live In Nature Or In Our Houses?

I believe everyone needs to have a pet in their houses or gardens. Because pets are like people’s little therapists. They usually make their owners feel better. But you will have a lot of responsibilities if you adopt a pet. Even if you have, it does not matter if you actually have a friend like them. That’s why I think everyone should own a pet.
But, how do they feel when they are living with us in a house? Well, I think some pets love their owners, so they can live in a house without any problems. But some pets, such as big dogs need to go for a walk with their owners twice or three times a day. They should run and run until they are tired and ready to go home. That type of pets should live in at least garden. So, it is a better idea to adopt a big pet if you have a garden or enough time to go out with them. And also, some small pets can live in a house. They can run and play in the house because they are small.
By the way, it is kind of like the best to let them live where they should: nature. But of course, having them in our houses is what the half of the animal lovers in the world will choose. But I believe that the other half of them want all the animals in the world to be free in nature. So, it depends. It depends on what kind of animal you have, its breed and habitat.

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