Should vaccines be patented?

We’re facing the virus named covid 19 that threatens our future. And there’s only one way to end this epidemic to deliver the vaccines we’ve to every country and every person on earth, anyhow of the rich or the poor! In short, it’s certain that the only remedy to end the epidemic is vaccines. Let’s not forget that the epidemic is a” global problem”. It isn’t possible to deal with such a problem with public results. And let us know that none of us will ever be safe until we’re all safe. So, can we get the vaccine to everyone? At this veritable point, profitable reasons and also “ patent story” are automatically included in the process. While countries with profitable means publish plutocrat and vaccinate their people, in countries that can not find this occasion, people die on the thoroughfares. What I want to express will be easier to understand if we remember what happened in India. In summary, the “ patent issue” is an important issue. Having plant one of the most fascinating answers to this question in history, the polio vaccines finder, Dr. Jonas Salk gave


SALK gets the chance to touch the lives of millions of people with the polio vaccine it produces. In a short time, he becomes a popular scientist, who receives extraordinary attention and respect not only in the USA but each over the world.”Who’s the patent proprietor of this vaccine?”His answer to the question exalts him indeed more and transforms him into a fabulous personality. Dr. Salk’s response is”WHAT A PATENT! IT BELONGS TO HUMANITY. IT IS NOT ABOUT A PATENT. CAN YOU PATENT THE SUN?”


We continue our struggle against one of the greatest threats in the history of humanity. The only and permanent way we can save humanity from this threat is to make vaccines available to everyone free of charge. The way to achieve this target is through the “patent-free vaccine” approach. It is imperative that all the scientists who have achieved tremendous success by finding this vaccine and gifting it to humanity, and the pharmaceutical companies that contribute to the production of the vaccine, heed this common call of humanity. Today, they too can make the sacrifices that Dr. Salk made 50-60 years ago.

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