2BEHRJJ (200414) -- BEIJING, April 14, 2020 (Xinhua) -- A staff member displays samples of the COVID-19 inactivated vaccine at Sinovac Biotech Ltd., in Beijing, capital of China, March 16, 2020. China has approved two COVID-19 inactivated vaccine candidates for clinical trials, according to the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against the coronavirus Tuesday. The two vaccine candidates are developed by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products under the China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm) and Sinovac Research and Development Co., Ltd, a company based in Beijing. Clinical


We know that vaccines are important to help for fighting a disease. Nowadays, we mostly use them for coronavirus. Because it spread all across the planet, we should use a vaccine. A vaccine is made up from virus itself but inactive one wich helps the immune system to fight the disease. If things go well, with a likely chance for you to survive. But making a vaccine isn’t that easy. You need months or even years to create the perfect virus to fight other virus. So, should it be patented?

To answer this question, we need to get deeper to the topic. Vaccines are so important to fight a pandemic. Vaccines are one critical play to win the fight. We could save the people with’in or bad things may happen, maybe fate because of the new mutations. So ı require for you to get vaccine, ı guess you already got vaccined. If you didn’t, please be. To fight corona, vaccine is importan for humanity to be back normal again. But on the other side of hand, the vaccines require so much time and hardwork to create. İf corona wasn’t patented, when a country uses lots of work and money to find vaccine another country could copy the way vaccine made without wasting more time and money. So, there will be a injustice. But another perspective shows a lot of people will loose their life because of the money.

koronavirüs aşısı

I, ı choose without patent. But what if country’s merge and forget about money when there is lives on the line? Wouldn’t that be a solution, combining countrys to make vaccine. I thing this idea is great because humanity can’t progress well when there is a really big problem and it will cost life. If life is important than money (and it is), this might be a possible solution.

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