Should We Build a New Airport around Town?

There have been ongoing discussions and many suggestions regarding the construction of a new airport just outside the city center. Most of the suggestions have been reasoned by many business corporations headquarters living in the town, but is it really necessary to disturb the civilians living there, who will not be using the airport as much as the businesspeople?

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There seems to be a problem with traveling abroad by plane because of the distance between the nearest airport and the city center. The location of the town is very far away; so many people cannot buy their needs easily. They have to go to the city center, which is 25 km away. Building an airport can lead to new houses being built up around the town and that can help people to get their needs while it can fill the emptiness in employment around the town. Lots of enterprises have chosen this town specifically because the largest areas were sold for cheapest prices years ago. Probably many businessmen and businesswomen will use this airport. So the airport will be very much likely to be supported by the corporations near the airport which will help to develop the airport more easily.

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Airports are very loud places. While planes take off and land, the sound coming from them can easily disturb the area within 6-7 km radius. Because it is a town and even there are multiple big enterprises, many civilians choose to do farming because of empty and large amount of areas where they can grass down their animals or plow fields and grow veggies or fruits. Building the airport near the town can cause the fields to be destroyed which can lead animals not being able to feed themselves.Thus, it might harm the farming industry.


In my opinion, the airport should be built in another location where it cannot disturb or harm neither the civilians nor farmers. In that way, while business owners can get to the airport within no more than five minutes, the residents of the town can sit at their homes without their windows being shaken.

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