Should We Give Up on Our Culture?

Do you think cities should demolish the historical buildings and erect modern buildings instead? In my opinion, this shouldn’t be the way to open places for modern buildings while historical buildings have many benefits for country and citizens.

Cities might think that it would be better if they build new and modern buildings to create more space for housing and businesses. By doing that, they majorly focus on the economic aspect of the urban planning. Having more space is expected to create more revenues.

On the other hand, these historical buildings are a part of the culture for the people who live there. Historic preservation connect people with their past and with one another. Furthermore, it has been proven to be a key element in stabilizing older communities and bringing residents together.  Besides these benefits, heritage tourism contribute for the countries’ economy. 

All things considered, I think that to create more spaces for urban planning it is possible to look for areas other than historical buildings. Preserving those cultural values will not only maintain the common heritage of people but also strengthen the social bonds within the community. As a result, we would not sacrificing cities’ heritage for the sake of gaining more money. 

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