Should We Ignore?

Should we mind another people’s ideas about us and do everything according to their opinions? A lot of people say “no” for this question but they always ask themselves “What the others say?”. I think this is the main problem. So what can we do to solve the problem?

To be honest, if we don’t mind other peoples’ ideas and words, it won’t be good for us because another people can see from different perspectives, and different perspectives can help us about our important decisions. With the help of these perspectives, we can also do our work better. For example, if someone criticizes us, we can recognize that there is a mistake that we should correct about our work. As a result, we shouldn’t ignore all the ideas of others about us. They can be beneficial for us.

I said “We shouldn’t ignore all the ideas.” It means there are some ideas and opinions that we should ignore. Most of the people are obsessed with others’ ideas, which is not a good thing. If you become obsessed with unnecessary opinions, it can even affect your mental health. That means we shouldn’t mind all the words other people say and we shouldn’t ask this question to ourselves: “What do the others say?”

If we think of the question “What do the others say?” and act accordingly, it can badly affect the things we are going to do because this is kind of a prejudice. This question will always be answered because there are always some people who will not like or support the things that we do. If we want to do our best or the most appropriate thing for ourselves, we shouldn’t ask this question or we should not really mind what the others think or say.

To summarize, it is important to lend an ear to other people who wish and hope for our well-being, but we shouldn’t really care what other people say. We shouldn’t forget that only we can know things or decide if the consequences of our actions will be positive or negative.

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