Should We Travel to a New Home?

In order to make the right choice, we need to compare the cost of space travel and by far the most expensive one is the trying to make world better place and we can take that money to spend on space ships to go to the nearest habitable planet and most companies rarely say what it costs to build their rockets. What we can sometimes find out is the price they charge customers to use them to launch payloads.The choice of rocket (hence launch price) depends on the payload mass and the orbit it is to be put into. Most communications satellites are put into geosynchronous transfer orbit.The launch price includes a cost to use the launch site, some recovery of development costs, and some profit. Liquid fuel is negligible cost. Also they cost almost roughly 1.6 billion.

But only stopping global warming costs around 300 billion – 40 trillion, we can use that money to go to a planet and civilize there the nearest habitable planet to earth is about 4.4 light years away it would cost around 7 billion even do it needs some time to build that ship an other problem is how are we gonna live long enough true trailing time that could cost round 1-2 trillion and we are still not in front of the upper limit even if find a solution to it we need best engineers of the world to dissing a  type of rocet that can carry around 8 billion people and foods and water that they need for surviving and enough rocket power to escape from planets gravitational energy and should be able to care the fuel of those rocket engines on top of that it should be able to have 02 and other gas that need by human body also it gotta travel faster then light in order to go to the nearest habitable planet and e able to be a shelter to 8 billion people that would prominently like 20 to 30 trillion American dollars. On the other hand, we need to make sure that planet has food and don’t have any apex predator that can end humane race and should also have breath able air and minerals, but at the end we have new planet that we can live on it like billions of years thats why I chose going to a new planet.

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