”Can the number of siblings effect our grades good or bad?”

Well to find the answer of this question first lets look at the tests that the scientists made.

But for me it is both. ‘Cause I have a brother and I try to copy the good things that he make. As the results of the scientists test the sibling number increases the grades increases too. TUBİTAK made a test about this.  It is like this:25 only child and 25 children who has sibling it means 50 high school student and 25 only child, 25 children who has siblings which means 50 primary school students. So they used 100 children for this test. They talked them all by face to face and found out that the children who had sibling were their grades was better than the other ones.

So we can understand that having a sibling effects your grades and life in good ways. 😉

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