Sibling is a Success

Academic success, after observing a student sufficiently, is to ensure that the student achieves higher levels of success than his/her own performance with teaching practices appropriate to the student’s orientation. In a word, it is the realization of one’s goals in the field of education and training. There are many factors that affect the academic success of the student. Education of parents, the profession of parents, the economic situation of the family and the number of siblings in the family are the factors that change student success.

Sibling relations are environments where new experiences, sharing, conflicts and jealousy are experienced.  At the same time, it is learned to find solutions to various problems. A positive relationship between siblings affects personality development, social development and a sense of trust in a positive way. It affects not only these values ​​but also academic achievement positively. For instance, the fact that the child spends most of his time at home interacting with his siblings before starting school prepares the child for school and life.

When they reach a certain age, the older sibling helps the younger sibling’s lessons, making a great contribution to the sibling’s learning skills. According to research studies, it is seen that transferring information by a peer is often easier and more enjoyable than transferring information by an adult. On the other hand, the fact that one sibling is more hardworking and successful than the other can cause increased jealousy, perception of inadequacy and conflict between siblings. If the parents ignore this situation and constantly compare the two children with each other, the child’s self-confidence decreases and the attachment between siblings gradually decreases as he/she will always be in conflict with other sibling.  Thus, siblings do not live in the same house as two siblings, but as two rivals.                      For this reason, parents should be aware that situations that trigger conflict between siblings are always caused by their own attitudes. They should also avoid phrases such as “You should study like your brother, Be tidy like your sister”.

In conclusion, the number of siblings has both positive and negative effects on academic achievement. However, it is up to the person and the parents to look at it on the positive side. The most essential thing is to think about how to take advantage of the sibling instead of seeing him/her as a rival.  Seeing brotherhood as an opportunity in every aspect is a step towards a happier family relationship.

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