Sickness Of The Century

Seven million years ago, first human being appeared on earth. Women and men, lived as the pieces of a whole. As time passed, humanity created  society. But the more society growed the more we started discriminating and underestimating each other.

In many civilizations, women were huntress-gatherer, but when we passed to settled life, men started underestimating women. Even if we had biological differences, we deserved equal treatment. For thousands of years, women seen as an item, used as a slave. Toxic masculinity was at its peak. However, despite all the humiliation, women remained productive for centuries.

Even in a male-dominated society, women tried to bring innovations to civilization with new inventions and ideas. To give a solid example, Marie Curie made great contributions to chemistry in a century where male supremacy was advocated and women were not thought to be involved in topics such as science and politics. Furthermore, women did not fall behind anything. Coco Chanel changed the concept of women’s fashion of the period and prepared more masculine and confident designs. The No:5 perfume is etched in memory with its pearls, hat designs and loves. She changed the women’s very fluffy, extravagant and unsop post-comfy taffeta and corseted dresses with trousers, clothes made of sailor fabric, small and classy hats and tweed suits. Symbolizing the mourning and sadness she experienced after the death of her greatest love, Bob Chapel, “Little Black Dress” also made its mark on the fashion world and became one of the iconic pieces. Chanel left this journey alone, building an empire. Especially at a troubled time when women were more passive in France and the whole world were at war, she found herself with courage and a will to work. It proved that no success and ascension is a coincidence.

We can all agree that as a society, people actually need people, but not in a way of being in a bind of men. Just like women, men also achieved huge things for our world. If I can write these words, its thanks to the men who laid the foundations of computer “John Vincent Atanasoff”. This is an evidence that both men and women were created to help, support and to be whole.

Overall, it may be said, realitionship between women and men is way more different from “A fish’s need of a bicycle.” Biologically and socially we need each other, but this need should not be a reason for harming and depreciating. Humanity is a whole with men and women so sexism is one of the most terrible and dangerous psychological sickness of our history, unfortunately we noticed that very lately. I hope that we can heal the society as soon as possible.

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