Sign on the Tree

A witch called Elena Spellman was running in the forest with muddy sneakers.She was wearing a black striped sweater.Meanwhile she was running, she was extremely hungry so she ate some of the cookies and happiness giving french fries inside her pocket.Her anxiety could be understood from her eyes which were looking at rabbits to relax.Her eyes came upon a rarely seen tree which was charming with the blue leaves and roots in the outer side of tree containing a type of love potion.When she started to come closer to the tree,she noticed a sign but she flinched with the noises coming from the inside of the forest.She realized that she was late.

She started to run faster and she arrived there in a minute.Funeral wasn’t started yet and she looked for her aunt.Before funeral started,everyone had burst into tears but it didn’t take too long for them to stop.After everyone had agonizingly finished their speeches,an uninvited guest went up to the rostrum.When he showed himself completely,Elena and her aunt looked green around the gills because he was the new president of the witch council,Blackwand, after the death of former president who was Elena’s father.Elena and her aunt wouldn’t think anyone but him to be the murderer of her father.His words were said clearly and terrifyingly:”All of the witches should obey my word and the ones who do not obey will be punished with the hellfire.So kneel before your master and devote your souls to me.”A noise yelling”Never!” came from the crowd.

Elena was standing and preparing for a spell to defend herself.He looked with greed and said:”You are not your father,little girl.But you will be a good example to represent what happens to the witches who disobey.”Unexpectedly,flames started to rise and rage in Blackwand’s eyes told her to run but she was frozen.When flames were just about to touch her,her aunt made a protection spell and they escaped into the woods.She saw the same tree with a beamy sign.She showed her way to aunt and when they touched to the sign,they disappeared.They were in the spirit of the tree.Spirit talked:”I used to know Micheal Spellman,he was a big-hearted and clever man.He was the most powerful among all the witches that have ever lived.He gave me my freedom.And I will always owe you a favor.Spellman family is under my protection.You can stay as much as you want.”Elena replied:”We are not going to stay too long.We should find a way to punish Blackwand and banish him to a place where he will suffer for my father’s death.But I am not powerful enough.”Spirit of the tree replied:”My child,I sensed the same energy from you as your father or maybe even a more powerful one.The only thing that you should do is to set it free.In order to do that,you should solve a type of magical puzzle made by your father but no one except your father has solved it before.If you solve it,you can use your full potential.Puzzle is in the house of the man-hater witch.”After a short silence,Elena and her aunt were on their way to the house.

There was a shield for all men in the outer part of the first floor of the house as a circle.My aunt told her that we came for puzzle and explained all the things from the beginning.Then,she said she would bring it with pleasure.Puzzle was in a worn out black box and while Elena was opening it,she was trying too hard not to jump out of her skin.But when Elena saw the puzzle for the first time,she and her aunt only felt hopeless because of the most powerful cycle of magic in the outside with countless spells protecting the puzzle.It was a complicated and spell-resistant puzzle.But a sign in the puzzle caught Elena’s eyes.It was the same with the sign on the magical tree.She remembered that tree was using love to grow so maybe she could use a love spell of her father,instead of black magic.She found from the book and said the words in an exact way.She felt full of energy and unstoppable.But they were too late,Blackwand had already started the destruction spell.

Elena and her aunt ran as fast as a lightning to catch up the blackwand.When they arrived,Blackwand was full of rage.Elena was aware that it was her one-shot.She felt the energy and she summoned the soul of nature to banish him forever.Blackwand  was surprised and got uptight.He was banished to the deep end of the woods where he could never come back.Elena and her aunt lived happily ever after.



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