Significance of Improvement of Art

We constantly hear about this concept which is called “art”. Pretty much all of us has an idea about what art is or what it means to us. The dictionary definition for art is; the making of objects, images, music, etc. That are beautiful or that express feelings.
Let’s take a second to think about the definition of art. We can simply say creating something visually or harmonically beautiful can be called art. While there are many different branches of art, some of the most known art types are, music, painting, sculpture etc.
Art is a subjective concept. For something to be visually pleasing or not would vary from one to another. Or when some type of specific piece of art means a lot to me, it may not get you very excited. In this way, art is not like science. Meaning there is not a wrong or right answer or a correct way to do it.
When we need every piece of information that ia given to us in school, we also need every piece of information that haven’t been given to us there. Such as art. But when we look to the current state in our country we can see that art doesn’t take a significant part in most of our lives. This is something to be sad about because you do not need to bee good at drawing to do art. Art is meant to express your feelings. That’s why it is commonly used as a therapeutic activity to relax and relieve.

Schools are places that we spent the most of our days at. We develop friendships with people, we spent most of our time together. Working with a group of people or individually, creating an object that belongs to you is a great activity to do in your school. It is something we could only wish for. Because schools don’t care about art, or importance of it. Basically formal education doesn’t spare time for art.
Non formal education could be better as in the development of art in our country. When we think about it while you work alone you can manage your time by yourself according to your needs. And you can have the time you need to make art. Also art is not objective so making it by yourself is quite possible. For some people art is private. In this case out of school education is more privileged for the development of art in our country.
In conclusion improvement of art is very much necessary. And for that the best education is non formal education. Doing what you are passionate about while improving yourself and your mental being is the best way to succeed.

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