Silhouette Of A Man

At the beginning of this year, I started to lose my vision. İt wasn’t too bad at first, but the blurry, dark curtain slowly took over my eyesight.
I noticed it happen first when I was meeting my daughter. I used to stare at her long shiny hair and be able to admire her from afar. I hadn’t seen her for over three years. That day, I couldn’t pick my daughter out of the crowd. I thought she had ditched me, or maybe she got into a car crash? Where was she? I couldn’t see her. I was too busy thinking about what might have happened to her. I didn’t see the young lady that was about to approach me. Everything was blurry and mixed. I couldn’t see the three moles on my daughter’s face. The moles made me proud because I had them too. Everyone used to say that those three moles showed how similar we are. But that day I couldn’t see them.
Every day was getting harder and harder to live life. I couldn’t see my wife’s pictures that were on my bedroom walls. I couldn’t see the expressions on her face that I had memorized over the years. She was so beautiful when I met her, just like my daughter. She had long black hair reaching to her hips, lovely eyes staring right into my soul, and rosy cheeks that got red whenever she talked to me. She had a big heart. As the years passed, her big heart had become unbearable to the crime, poverty, and inequality that the world had to offer. She couldn’t stand it anymore.
After my wife’s death, my daughter couldn’t go outside for a while. She didn’t eat, didn’t sleep. İt was like there was no light left inside her tiny soul. I tried my best to cheer her up, but who was I kidding? I felt worse than her. Every day without her felt like a burden to me. But with this blurry curtain, It was even worse.

I thought I had lost my mind. No matter how many times I had closed or opened my eyes, I saw a black silhouette of what seemed to be a man. He was standing there, staring at me. I couldn’t move or sleep when he appeared. It got worse day by day. He was getting closer to me. I tried to pray. I even went to church. I thought I was cursed.
Now he was with me everywhere I went. Everywhere I looked. Day by day, he got closer. One day, he got so close that he was gone. Now all I saw was pitch black darkness. It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me with what I thought was a silhouette of a man.

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