Silhouette of a man with suitcase walking in the dark forest, lost, confuse, crisis concept


I woke up to a new day again in my messy apartment room. I have recently moved away from my family to see how things will go as an individual by myself. I rent an average-sized apartment for myself while paying the rent and bills with the money I earn from the part-time job I do except for college hours. Everything was going far so far until last week. It may sound like it came out of a thriller movie scene but I started to come across this person, to specify more likely of a silhouette, every now and then when I was out of the home. I actually even started to see them when I looked out through my window once in a while. However, they were not directly staring at or had something to do with me. They just happened to be around so I let it slip until that happened.
As I was trying to stay strong and continue my life as an individual, I decided to buy myself a car to travel more easily. There were so many sites that were selling cars from brand new to antique so I decided to give a shot to see if I can find something to my liking at a fair price. Thankfully, I came across one and decided to have it. After getting all of the procedures done from the online website, I went to the meeting spot that was assigned beforehand. However, what was that? The place was kind of out of town with little to no people around. The first thought on my mind was the owner was living near these places but I could not catch any houses on my way to the spot too. I tried to calm myself down and put thoughts in my head nothing bad was going to happen.
As I arrived at the spot there was the person I recently started to see. I was too shocked to speak and put my thoughts into words. How could they even be here? Why are they here? To begin with who even they were? As my thoughts were going insane in my mind they opened their mouth to speak. “Are you the person who made a deal to get the car?” they said. I could just gently nod with still fear building up on me. I was trying to find a way to escape in case an action they can take. They went back to the car and came with some papers in his hands. “Could you please sign these?” they said. I again did not say a word and just signed them as they wanted. After that, he got the money I brought with the papers I have just signed and slowly started to walk into the woods. After only one second he was gone.

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