Everybody has a prejudice when someone say the word skateboard. Because it has not got any place to hold and it is dangerous. Skateboard is an extreme sport. So, if you want to skateboard, you first need to stabilize your balance.  But that’s not it. When you learned to make your balance. You must cut your feet of the ground to make cool moves. As a result, people don’t want to start this sport and it has a lot of haters. 

       There are two types of people: The one who really loves skateboards, and to skateboard. And the second person who hates it. There is no middle point of these two levels. I am the type who loves to skateboard. But why do haters hate skateboarding? Too many people broke their arms, legs, feet and more… It is an extreme sport these things are expected in this kind of sports. And if you get enough precautions, like helmets or knee and elbow pads, you will be totally fine even if you fall. 

     And the skate lovers… Skaters have their own community. It has its own hand shaking, everyone respects all levels of skaters, so you can go to a skate park even if you are a beginner too. And if you master those stylish movements, it will be so fun to skate. Even when you are learning it is so much fun. 

    From all the points of perspectives we see that skaters are nice and polite people who are really friendly and wholesome. So, I am calling out to the haters to come and try skateboarding. Believe me, if you start you cannot leave. 

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