Slavery in Freedom

Historically, slavery has been regulated, supported, or opposed on religious grounds. It would be a wrong point of view to evaluate beliefs only on the basis of religion. If you search for what belief means, you will see the explanation of an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Belief can be in any direction and in any subject because the will to believe comes from human nature. It is a necessary need for living in a way. A person psychologically seeks hope for himself, and this hope is provided by his beliefs. The strongest thing of a person who has nothing in his hands is his beliefs. It is not possible to force someone to do something with hope. What if we steal their hope?

The world order is based on establishing dominion over people. The strongest is the most suppressing, and the most suppressing is the greatest thief. because it steals people’s feelings under the name of “belief”. Beliefs present stereotypes to people and force you to live within those judgments. Society always wants you to be normal but can your normal and my normal or his normal be or should be the same?

Religion has existed since the existence of humanity and will continue to exist. Although there are many common features among those who believe in idols, those who believe in the god of fertility, and those who believe in prophets, the most impressive of them is the desire to believe in someone “stronger than himself”. maybe we are looking for such a way to control ourselves or this is how we show ourselves in society. These beliefs can be abused because the believer wants to be attached to everything. Colonialism emerged as a result of this. Those who are more likely to believe are generally ignorant and poor because others do not want to create hope for themselves. Hope has been the way of salvation for the helpless. That’s exactly what others use and suppress.
   I would like to believe that beliefs liberate people, it might actually be possible, but unless greedy human beings change themselves, beliefs will continue to enslave people. Changing the social structure can be a solution to this problem, but how will this social structure, which has not changed for centuries, change? First of all, everyone should assimilate himself and create his own belief. In a society where everyone loves red if you love blue, what could be the worst? Being different will bring us together and bring equality to the world. Our thoughts do not differentiate us, they enable us to hold hands. Remember, together we will save the world.

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