It’s five o’clock in the morning, actually two hours, which is a third of what he sleeps every day. He could sleep more, but he chose to get up. He’s had one like this for a while. He gets up when no one else is around and gets into thoughts that he doesn’t want anyone to notice. He was so afraid that someone would find out about his thoughts, or rather his troubles, for a while he did not talk to anyone much.

In fact, everything he thought was a separate problem for him… The world of ideas was full of defeats, regrets and pain that has never been seen before in history… He was also in the terrible mistake that every person who thinks he is alone falls into. It was like he was the only one. Apart from him, no one was deprived, no one failed, no one was rejected in the entire history of humanity. Writing the history of all evil was a burden on his poor shoulder.

She did her morning ritual and drank a huge glass of juice. He ate less now, but not to discipline himself like the dervishes of a thousand years ago, but out of greed. By torturing him, he was taking revenge on those who tortured him… He was hurting himself because he couldn’t hurt anyone.

He put on his white shirt, black trousers and black shoes as he did every morning… He couldn’t even say he was dressed, he was really just putting on something, when he put on his black glasses, he wrapped himself in the secret identity of our superhero, who was devoted to protecting humanity by filling himself with all the pain and sadness of the world. In this state, it is impossible for the evil forces that aim to bring sadness into the lives of the happy majority in the world, to recognize him. There was nothing in it to evoke happiness, hope…

The sun was rising, he had to go to work even though he was hopeless, and despite all his mental misery, he looked perfectly normal in body. He used to dislike his reflection in the mirror, but that used to be. She didn’t have that big of a problem with mirrors anymore, she didn’t have to worry about her reflection in the mirror as beautiful as she used to.

Why was it always like this, why wasn’t he the man who had three apples from the sky at the end of the story, was he going to have to be the man who got on his carriage all his life? Why did he always yearn for what they couldn’t have, was it his congenital disease? Is it the sickness of loneliness as the troubles and calamities are distributed? It had fallen. However, every concept could exist with its opposite. If you can perceive that you are alone right now and feel sad because of it, most importantly, if it bothers you. Shouldn’t you have experienced the opposite feelings before? There was a past that he could not perceive at the moment, or a corner where he felt happy and not alone even though he felt it, and there was a corner where he could perceive his current pain and loneliness.

While he was thinking these things, he had come to the subway station, he was not driving because his head was so messy. He had a puzzle in his brain that he couldn’t solve for months, so he didn’t want to waste an ounce of his limited comparative power on a useless area. He shouldn’t have used his already scattered thoughts to make his learned depression even more intractable. The train was approaching. In fact, he was one of the most talented cooks in the hotel, but since this animosity came upon him, his food had lost its taste like him. After all, he was promoted to breakfast chef, he was going to the hotel every morning to make messy omelets just like his own head, and there was no trace of the dishes that appealed to both the eyes and the stomach, which he once made by embroidering the food with master knife strokes.

In an instant, all his creativity was gone, just like the men whose eyes were blind and white in one day after being dumped by his girlfriend in B-class movies, he lost all his virtues in a day…. But the pessimism was so deep inside him that he dreamed of these ridiculous stories, but he did not remember the frog who became a prince when he was kissed by the princess…

Dııtttt  was shocked by the warning of the doors that were suddenly closing, and threw himself towards the platform, again immersed in deep calculations and missed the train that was standing in front of him… It was said, this hatred extended the journey ritual to the other train…. He suddenly heard a voice

Come on, wake up! You will be late for work.

Turns out it was all a dream. Turns out his mind was playing tricks on him.

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