Nuclear explosion, vector illustration. Nuclear war, atom bomb falling on Earth

Smal Atomic Chaoses

Some of the countries think that there should be small atom bombs in size and with a narrawor effect. They want to develop this to maintain the world peace. Firstly; with destruction,violence or chaos we can’t maintain peace. Peace is meant to be violance free and destruction free.And atom bomb is not meant to be a small effect bomb like a grenade. I think this is just a desire for war. Not to maintain the world peace. It is just an excuse but nothing. Atomic bombs are made to destroy things completely and create a catastrophic destruction. About the worlwide peace in my opinion humans cant get into a way that any human can agree with. People always argue this is what life means.But sometimes this arguements can cost lifes ending.Especially for those who has the power in their hands.I mean i talk about big powers.Like you say something and you just bomb a whole country and kill whole lots of innocent people.I mean this ruins the world wide peace.In order to restore and maintain the peace we are talking about firstly we need to have peace on the world.Otherwise it is just meaningless to use narrow effected or small sized atom bombs.So,if i cut toThe Secret Jewish History Of The Atom Bomb – The Forward chase i need to say that wars mustnt start with some people arguing between them.

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