Small Touches Make Big Impacts

Global warming is the rapid increase in temperature on the earth’s surface due to the greenhouse effect caused by the gases emitted by human activities to the atmosphere layer. Global warming has become a more important issue in recent years because people are exposed to effects such as air pollution, nutrient deficiency, and sudden climate changes. In addition, scientists have put forward the view that the increase in temperature in the last 50 years has had noticeable effects on living conditions.                                                                                                 Do you think it is possible to prevent this situation in time or is it impossible to change some things now? Actually, the answer is very simple, if we act as a whole world, this job may be easier than we think.

First of all, we know that one of the most common causes of global warming is energy consumption. Even if everyone uses only the energy they need, small savings made by billions of people can save lives. Especially people with good financial income know no limits in the use of natural gas. Since they can easily pay the natural gas cost, they turn on the natural gas until the end during the winter months and wear thin clothes at home. In this case, there is both a waste of money and a waste of energy. However, if we use the combi to a certain degree and wear thicker clothes, we will consume less energy.

As we know, trees are the lungs of our world and provide a great deal of oxygen. We should take advantage of trees to reduce carbon dioxide absorption. Even if everyone in the world plants trees around their house, on empty lands or on roads, 7 billion trees are planted and planting trees is one of the main methods of preventing global warming, since a tree can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

Did you know that the average time for a plastic material to disappear in nature is 1000 years? Although plastics may seem functional, they are one of the biggest enemies of a clean environment. For this reason, be careful not to use plastic bags in shopping, make use of recycling boxes, and raise awareness of the environment.

Lastly, research shows that at least 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions originate from animal husbandry. Digestion by animals releases methane gas into the atmosphere, while fertilizer production releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, animal feed production can make the planet uninhabitable by causing deforestation. For this reason, it is beneficial to gain the habit of eating vegetables and fruits instead of consuming meat more often.

In determining the character and characteristics of a living thing, the environment is as important as the genetic structure of the living thing. A clean environment is a necessary need for living things. Actions that increase the greenhouse effect should be avoided. Otherwise, we may face an unavoidable disorder caused by flooding in one part of the world and extreme heat in the other.

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