People holding powder paints to celebrate Holi (Festival of Colors) in Ahmedabad, India


The word “smart” is always described as a noun. Like “smart kid”. On the other hand, there is a hidden word inside “smart” which is “art”! Because actually art makes a child smarter. Imagine a world without art or an artist who is not smart? Hard to separate them.

I have listened stories form my parents who have lived in foreign countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. All of them are former Soviet countries and all them are famous with different disciplines of art.

For example; my grandparents told me that they have been in a ballet show in Ukraine to watch the “Nut Cracker” and they have noticed children around them were in ages 5 to 10. Their first impression was “This is going to be a noisy ballet.” However, unlike Turkey, they have seen that children are used to ballet because they are growing up with art. In Turkey still, no kids under the age 9 are allowed to watch ballet or opera. How wrong!

Schools in Turkey should support their students about art as well. I am so proud that my school Beştepe College is supporting students in art as well, we have a facility building named ARTHLETICS. My mom says Arthletics is the main reason for them to choose Beştepe College.

OK, you are right. Pandemics did not help us to see more ballet, opera or theatres but is that the only place where we can find art? How about paintings or even decorating lunch plates in an artistic way to put an artful touch on our meals? Imagine statues in the garden or famous painters’ masterpieces in our corridors. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn in a building like Hermitage or Louvre?

I can imagine a life or a school without WIFI. I can imagine a day without tablets. But I can’t imagine a single day without dance, music or painting. Art is our life; life is Art. Let’s be smART!


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