I was making a soup but one item was missing. I think that was the yogurt. I looked at the fridge but I couldn’t find any yogurt. I started walking to my neighbour to get some yogurt. When I was walking, I saw a strange man who had a big moustache and lots of kilos. He stopped me and gave me a paper into my pocket, and he told that to open the paper in the middle of the night and say nothing about this paper to other people.

I was so scared and I ran to get some yogurt from my neighbour. After I took some yogurt, I continued to make the soup. At night I couldn’t sleep. When the clock showed 00.00, I reached into my pocket and took the paper. It had an address written on it. It said, “Come to the smelly green house with lots of mushrooms. Be careful, Prof. Dr. Ant could eat you. Come until 1 am. If you don’t come, fancy bug can kill you, I know your address.” I quickly tried to find the house then I found it. It was dark green and there were colourful toxic mushrooms on it.

I knocked the door and a hairy hand held me and took me to the home. I saw the same man. He gave me some tea and said “I have to talk with you.” After I drank my tea, he called me in to a special dark room. In the room there were knives and skeletons. I thought I would die. The man said “You have to give me a dept! Didn’t you remember me? I gave you lots of magic money. If you don’t give any money to me, Mr. Snake will break your heart.” Then I said “How can he break my heart?” The man said “He will eat donut with jelly with strawberry.” “Nooooooooo!!” I said, “How can you know my favourite food?” The man said, “I know everything about you!” I said, “What, who are you then?” The man said, “I am your old brother, we were enemies, because you didn’t give my money. It was 5 million dollars. I am here to eat you then I can get your money. By the way, we were 6 children in one family. These skeletons are ones I ate. Ha ha! That was a joke, but I would eat you, it wasn’t a joke. These skeletons are not real.” He tried to eat me but he broke his tooth, and he cried a lot and went away.

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