Smiling Face

     I looked at my watch. I wouldn’t be too  late.But I was sure the chief of police would be angry.I was an intern at the homicide bureau. So I don’t have permission to look at confidential files, cases. But  I was caught by police officer while looking at files a few times. So usually police officers don’t like me .But right now there is a file that I’m interested in secretly. John Dean‘s file. He was a serial killer and we got a report about he died two months ago. For the last two months, everyone has searching including me. I don’t have permission to look or search about it so I am doing it secretly. I entered the office and sat at my desk . Several police officers were speculating that Anna’s family had killed John. All my guesses were that he committed suicide. Because I think killing a serial killer must be very difficult. Only himself could kill him. But why he wants to kill himself . I don’t know but I will definitely learn.  

        The phone rang, I picked it up right away.The report was about john. Normally I should inform the police chief. But I have just learned John‘s dead body place through the report. If I  say to police officer, he will be angry because I don’t have permission to open the office phone. So I decided to go address where the body was found.I decided to go by myself. I is a bad idea and I know i will regret it later. But my curiosity won the war between my logic and my curiosity.I rushed out of the office. I took a taxi and went to the address given on the phone.The taxi cost 100 dollar. So if I can’t find the dead body I will kill the reporter.

        I came to an old ruined house. There isn’t any home or sign of life except the house. 

To be honest I was so scared. But it’s too late now to go back. So I don’t have any chance except enter the house . The inside of the house was dark like the outside.I turned on my phone’s flashlight. I couldn’t find anything at downstairs. So I decided to go upstairs. I saw a room with a closed door. Dead body of John Dean was in front of me . I approached to the dead body .I noticed a piece of paper under the dead body.I turned the body over to get the paper. A smiley face is drawn on paper.Everything was starting to get really scary. For a minute I couldn’t do anything. After I decided to go out. I opened the door to go but I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. John Dean was standing in front of me.He smiled like smiley face on paper.

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