Snap Chaos

As a World, we are using social media and other communication based applications about twenty years in particularly Facebook, twitter and messenger have been placed to top but while the first show up between social media and humanity were amazingly fascinating. Although there have been surprisingly many features, It was so less if we compare with nowadays. In addition to that the facilities of finding job had expanded because coding and technological engineering stuff do not have title like today so it would be dramatic change for world just an idea of a cloud you can message.

Via help of the social media, you could reach every one of your friend, so many community and millions of posts just from your device even no matter where you are. These contribute globalization to huge percentage even though only smaller side of world using social media. According the graph of Our World in Data*, in 2004 only 980 million people were using Facebook- also this number is extremely big for this year-but nowadays this number have increased to 2.26 billion. As a result of different properties of applications affect people usage that between fifteen years.

On the other hand there are unignorable consequences which people faces, increasing number of obesity, visual disturbances, weakness and privacy are the example of such crucial troubles. Additionally, for many scientist and researches social media kills real social life. The sharing locations, status, emotions and feelings can be easily used by people who do not want our happiness and various reasons. Furthermore, people want to share their privacy but needs no explanation about how harmful and dangerous is that for example one group of workers complained the website called Face mash- creator and organization head was Zuckerberg- due to the reason of using their pictures without permission after that Zuckerberg and his company took the site down and apologized. Everybody easily understand that it is not the new issue and if we look at the expression of company, it is serious disease and we need to cover as soon as possible.

Finally, the attitudes of people were most impelling thing among these totally unacceptable troubles. In 2014, Pokémon go have been created by Nintendo-a video game which you trying to catch Pokémon in the outside- and because of this application need to get location and share, a lot of people did not accept to use even some countries banned from their countries but when we look at the nowadays Snapchat shows these information but nobody said they wouldn’t accept. Professionally using of these blessing of course help us in many ways but it seems like we are not comply so we need to look ourselves just for ourselves.

Our World in Data: Organization in order to share people world impressive news via help of the graphs.

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