It was an ordinary but exciting winter morning for me. people were enthusiastic and happy. The children were making snowball fights and snowmen in the streets.

    I was getting ready to go to work. I drank my coffee and left the house. But when I opened the door, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The street was very quiet. I got curious and started walking around. There was not a single person. I couldn’t even hear the birds chirping. I was very stressed. But I kept walking. Then I came to the most famous place in the city. This place was packed at all hours of the day. But there was only one person in the room. I went to him. His face looked very familiar. My only option was to sit next to him. I asked permission and sat next to him. They had a very relaxed demeanor. This scared me a little. I asked him what he thought about the incident and what had happened. “It’s just a game” he replied calmly. He did not speak clearly. I couldn’t take it anymore and asked why he was so relaxed. “Being comfortable always pays off,” he said. I think he was trying to give me a message. But I still didn’t know what to say. He did not speak for a long time. And I was leaving the table in case there were others. He gave me a paper. After leaving the room, I opened the paper. I had to solve a puzzle for it all to be over. The newspaper wrote: “Coal eyes, life in eyes, freezes in cold, kills in heat.” I went to him and asked him what he wanted. He gave me a clue “snowman“. I immediately went to the snowman. And I had to break it. A button came out of me. One person came. Then a few more people in the same situation came. But I had to press the button to understand the situation and I pressed it.

    I saw someone sitting on the sofa around me, I was next to them. There were people watching us in front of us. They applauded when I opened my eyes. It was actually a virtual game. And I won the game. It was a strange and frightening event for me. But then I realized that I didn’t remember anything…

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