Society Based On Gossip

Today, most people are more concerned with other people’s lives than their own. They follow, interpret, and even criticize their lives and make them a topic of conversation. Even our conversations with our friends started to be about other people’s lives rather than our interests or our own. Unfortunately, the reason for this is that our interests are now beginning to be the lives of others. However, everyone should try to discover their pleasures, hobbies and more importantly, themselves.

On the other hand, some people make it their duty to examine and criticize the private life of others, make it their own business, and earn money from this work. Magazines now only contain malicious criticism. By vilifying others, people make room for themselves in society and raise this place in this way. As a result, we come across a society based on gossip.

Can you find peace in a society based on gossip? Let me tell you, no one can find it because gossip causes chaos. Gossip is like a wheel, make sure you talk behind someone’s back and they will talk about you. So the tip of the wheel always returns to where it started. This causes everyone who is on that wheel to be psychologically put under social pressure and criticized.

As technology develops, everyone can be informed about everything in a very short time. In particular, bad, embarrassing, negative conversations spread even faster. So can we say that the speed at which rumors spread can now go beyond the speed of light?

Dedikodu - Dünya GazetesiThe most pathetic part is that being involved in this wheel I mentioned is against your will, and most of the time you are not even aware of it. You suddenly feel as if the whole world is trying to crush you under the bad comments. I think this incident can be used to explain peer bullying today. The problem is that people of all ages do this, not just teenagers. Even older and more mature people can create time for themselves to interpret others among all their work.

 We begin to question ourselves about all this social pressure created and the general perceptions formed in society. No matter how natural and normal what we do… Imagine that there are millions of people ready to judge you about everything from your behavior to your speech, from your dressing to your style, from your choice of friends to the environment you are in. You don’t even have to imagine actually… Unfortunately, we are in such a society today, which is not good if you ask me.

So what happens as a result of these? You are limited first by society and then by yourself. If everyone restricts themselves and only manages themselves by the perception of society, it means suppressing their imagination. When creativity is gone, development is not possible. As a result, life, even the world, becomes a black-and-white film strip, devoid of colors, directed by monotonous ideas.


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