I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. There was someone in my house. At first, I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was someone in my living room. When I saw him, I thought that he was a robber who came to rob my house. And then I realized that he is a homeless and innocent man who has nothing to do with the valuables in my house. He maybe just got cold and needed a hot place I told to myself. So I said hi to the old homeless looking man. He replied hi and just kept watching the TV like nothing happened. There was a football match that day so I thought that he was watching the football match. I was thirsty so I went to get some water. On my way to the kitchen, I heard a voice. It was him. He wanted some chips in a shameless way. I asked him that what flavour he wanted and he said it does not matter just bring me my chips. I brought some chips for him but when I got back to the living room, I couldn’t see him. He was gone. The TV was closed and my door was closed from inside but he was gone. I asked myself if I was hallucinating but I knew that I saw him.

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