Something to aspire to

Life is brimming with difficulties particularly when we are hit with something startling. In any case, I am here to disclose to you that regardless of what your difficulties are, they will make you a more grounded individual in the event that you let them. For the greater part of us, when everyday lives take a curve and our day by day experiences are more troublesome than ordinary, we want to move through the situation quickly. We simply need to get it over with and proceed onward – and the sooner the better, right?

Our thoughts start to zero in on how much better life would be if our current circumstance had never happened in the first place. But is that the reality?

Would we honestly be better off without the difficulties life presents us?

I know for myself, no matter what there has not been one troublesome second or experience that hasn’t led up to me with growing as an individual in the long run. It might have taken me years to sort out the things I have been dealing with, but the results never fail to pay off.

After all I am who I am as a result of all that has happened to me, not despite it.

I see people whine and whine about wanting a superior life, praying that things could be different, easier. However, rather than taking care of business, tolerating what it is or searching for the silver lining, they develop a victim complex and keep on wishing things were different.

They miss the great stuff – the enchantment that is there in the event that you look hard enough since they invest all their energy whining or quietly feeling sorry for themselves. How about we compare them to the individuals who embrace their “stuff”, the people who don’t spend their time on earth whining. People who are fighting cancer, who still show bright smiles and never give up despite the paint hey are in. Disabled people, who work extra hard to get where they are because they knor better than to give up and let others dictate their worth. Jobless or homeless people who are thankful for everyday they get to feed their families.

These are the people that you should idolize and try to emulate. They are strong, cheerful and pushing ahead in spite of everything. You might believe some people have it easy, they don’t. They don’t have less difficulties than you do, they simply understand that they need to grow from their experiences and let them go. Nobody has the privilege of living an easy life.


Now compare them with the individual who is constantly crying about money or work or their relationships– ask yourself – do they ALWAYS grumble about something very similar? Don’t you simply sigh and think… here they go again…


I don’t intend to sound unforgiving, however until you figure out how to accept your life – every last bit of it – you can’t proceed onward.


I can’t stress this enough, getting caught in the life isn’t fair cycle rather than accepting what’s going on and doing something about it is only a waste of your time. Life goes on and we all go through tough times. However those who learn from them and try to get stronger in spite of them know something that people who whine and wish all the time don’t. They know that they could never be the person they are now if they didn’t go through what they have been through. They embrace the good, the bad and the ugly and use it to grow stronger. And that is something to aspire to.

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