The Last Decision

It was a box tournament and there was Mike Tyson in front of me. From behind, Mike Tyson asked me if this fight was your last decision, I said yes, it was my last decision and suddenly he started looking at me strangely, and then the mother said, I admired your courage, you were a determined boy, I lost the match, but I had the opportunity to meet Mike Tyson after the match. So, after I talked to Mike Tyson, I got even more excited, I became more disciplined, I started to regulate my food and sleep, and I started to like it, then I became a champion even once, it was a very good feeling, then I made a decision and decided to quit this box thing and box tan. Thanks to this discipline and effort I gained, I also learned not to give up, and thanks to not giving up, I start ed trading. I fell, fell, got up, got down and got up, and eventually I managed to make money.

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