Space Inside People

Many of us talk about wanting to live in a more humane world these days. This humane concept of the world encompasses something else for everyone. For example, while a few of us consider living in a community of kinder people, for some of us the notion of a humane world is one in which everyone is asked to be treated equally. Another group of people, especially the rich and well-off countries, advocate more for the development of science. Research in space is often their  priority. And our third community predicts that we do not live in a humane world because there is not enough science involved.

As I mentioned earlier, rich countries find space experiments more important than us humans. However, most people do not agree with this, on the contrary, they want it to be researched and used for humanity. Although space experiments and space studies are very important, people need to change first for humanity to come. 

We can start with the equality of all people first. Although it is difficult, some things must be done for the people of the world to live under equal conditions. As a result, people must be under equal conditions in order to be more efficient for the experiments to be done. After all equality is achieved, although it is a very difficult opportunity to help all people, this time progress can be made in the field of science, which is another important issue for humanity. 

Since we cannot say that a country without both science and art is developed, it is imperative that we turn to these areas. It would be very easy if we did this especially through the richer countries. When space studies and many other similar studies begin, I am sure that we will be able to observe both the mental and the physical development of the country and the people who live in this country. Also, the situation of the people in the country is what makes the country a country in my perspective. If people are happy, the way they behave psychologically supports their feelings. However, if people welcome an unhappy community, their behavior will of course be shaped accordingly.

Hence, to sum up all these issues: a country should not remain without science, but it should not ignore people for science. Also, people should not be left without science. That is, the middle of everything should be decided and acted accordingly. 

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