Spring Colors

We all have a different understanding of the festival.If we’re holding a festival at school, it should include activities that everyone will enjoy.That’s why organizing a festival at school is a tricky business.But if I were to organize a festival, I think I would get over it. I think what makes a festival a festival is its fun.Since this festival is a spring festival, it should make school students forget their tiredness.

It should be colorful because it’s a spring festival.So let powder paint be spilled on everyone while having fun.This can attracts people’s attention and increases the fun.Besides, it looks very nice in the photo that people take as a memory.Color doesn’t hurt.

Song is a must for festivals.We should prepare a playlist that suits everyone’s musical taste.Everyone should be able to have fun while listening to this playlist.We can even bring a band that is popular today.It is unthinkable for the festival to remain silent.When the concert on the stage is over, there is a concert in the common area where everyone stops.In this concert, songs from earlier times are played.For those who know these songs and teachers would be a great pastime.Songs are food for the soul.

One of the most important things for festivals is food.Food variety is very important.There are usually bazaars at school festivals.But since these are paid, they do not add a plus to the festival.Volunteer students can bring snacks from the market.Since this festival is held once a year, our school can organize a meal.Of course, everyone will enjoy it more because it will not be paid to eat these dishes.Of course, everyone will enjoy it more because it will not be paid to eat these dishes.I thought carefully because the food is the highlight of the festival.Everyone loves to eat.When our stomachs are full, our hearts are full.

I thought carefully about everything for the festival.I think everyone can enjoy the events I made.Of course, besides the activities, it is important how people have fun.But I don’t think anyone will get bored.I hope people will remember this day all year.

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