Stay in the World

Since the past, people have been trying to make settlements on different planets for thousands of years, not finding the world we are in enough. But don’t you think that people should think about today’s world instead of thinking about thousands of years later?

Many scientists have been thinking about this issue since about two hundred years ago. NASA has started sending human and unmanned spacecraft to the Moon and Mars just to settle on other planets. Future generations will perhaps live on Mars. Just as today’s people travel from country to country or even from continent to continent by plane, in future generations they will be able to travel from Earth to the Moon or from Earth to Mars by spaceship. In fact, this project may be a great development for humanity and maybe even a great advantage for people, but before we think about it, we need to focus on the problems of the world that we already have, which is our home, on which we live, and take care of them.

As for the main issue, humanity has been living in the world we have been in for centuries, but as time has progressed, the problems of the world have started to increase more and more.For example, marine pollution, animal extinction, forest extinction, drought and climate change, population growth-style problems have started to increase. Of course, as there are problems, there are solutions to these problems;

Climate Change
The problem: carbon overload of the atmosphere and ocean waters.
Solution: Using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, reforestation, reducing emissions in agriculture, changing industrial production processes.

Destruction of Forests
The problem: wild forests, which are rich in the type of living things contained in them, are being destroyed.

The solution: to preserve what is left of the natural forests and restore the already destroyed areas by planting local tree species.
Extinction of Animals

The problem: Wild animals that are about to become extinct are hunted today for their meat, teeth, or various medicinal products.

Solution: In order to prevent biodiversity from continuing to disappear, organized cooperation is needed in the social sphere.

Population growth
The problem: The human population continues to grow rapidly around the world. 20. the population of mankind, which entered the century at 1.6 million, is 6.5 billion today.

SOLUTION: A complete solution to the fifth problem may have been found yet, but if people do not fit into this world after many years and go to other planets, this problem will also disappear.

So I’m saying that if people don’t like the world we’re in and stay on this planet instead of going to other planets to find solutions to problems, maybe they’ll stop going themselves because we humans already have a debt to the world, at least let’s get out of this world by fulfilling it, not running away.

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