STOP THE EXTINCTION 


  Global warming is the change in the climate of the world due to the increase in the average temperatures measured in the land, sea, and air throughout the year, as a result of the greenhouse effect, which is thought to be caused by the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, which is formed by the increase in the gases that hold the heat such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Especially to stop this, human power is enough, but we have already used that power by creating the real problem. 


  Also, It is thought that one of the main reasons for the increase in global warming is that some gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane cause the earth to overheat by preventing the reflection of the radiation from the Sun to outer space on the one hand and absorbing the heat in this radiation on the other hand. The number of scientific studies that examine the effects of global warming on living things is increasing. In a study, it was shown that reproductive and embryo development disorders occur in aquatic organisms with an increase in water temperature. With the increase in temperature, the eggs divide abnormally, the embryos deteriorate and death occurs as a result. As a result of global warming, water and agricultural products will gradually decrease and famine will envelop the whole world. In this way, people’s nutritional problems will increase, and many diseases related to hunger will develop. Of course, death rates will increase due to starvation and famine.


  Global warming hardly looks like something that can stop it over time. The reason why it is similar is that such global problems are caused by us humans, and to stop them, human power is needed, which is not very possible. but not always thinking negatively. If there is even a small chance, there are of course a few ways to stop it. For example, energy-friendly bulbs, fans can be used instead of air conditioners, or televisions should not be left in standby mode, houses can be insulated against heat loss if we do this stuff there’s a chance for us to end this.


  In conclusion, global warming has really taken over our world, and that is why we can join hands to save this beautiful planet. I think that as humans if we get together there is nothing else we can not succeed. So it is time to seriously put an end to this global problem.

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