Strange Encounter With A Deer

Being a retired police officer, Joe was an experienced man yet he didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger of his issued gun on the silhouette.
One and a half hours ago…
It was late in the state of Texas, Dallas. In a house on 86th street, there was a party. Sounds of cheering and laughter. In the backyard of the house, there was a group of 6 not counting the house owner Quagmire. There was also a dog with them, Brian. The group was partying over… well nothing. Just decided that they would enjoy nice midnight together. Lois, the wife of Peter was talking with Bonnie, the wife of Joe. They brought up the gas prices and how fast they were increasing. Joe, Pete, Quagmire and Cleveland were good friends. They drank all night so they were out of their minds. So far it was a great night until they suddenly seem to could not find the 3rd child of Lois and Pete, Stewie. Neither Brian. Lois panicked as others were too drunk to care. She gave the responsibility to Pete but he did not even look after his baby. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie were chilling in the woods near the house. A deer approached them and Brian collaborated with him. Turns out it was Brian’s old friend Jeff. He met him 5 years ago when he was lost in the woods. They went to his place and watched some Netflix still in the woods. When they realized it was getting late and Stewie had to sleep. So they started walking to the house thinking everything is fine. Returning to the gang, they started searching the woods. Joe a retired police officer while crippled on his legs had to get into the woods with his wheelchair. And the rest of the group also was on the lookout. Suddenly Peter yelled: “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” Joe took out military issued 9mm Glock and sighted the place Peter was pointing at. He saw what looks like a… guy with an axe in his hand and the silhouette which was pitch black started approaching them. Out of fear Peter ran. Joe was an experienced man yet he did not hesitate to pull the trigger on the silhouette. The loud noise of the igniting gun powder echoed in the forest. Yet the silhouette did not go down. Drunk joe was poor on his shot. And soon the light of the moon enlighten the area. “It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me.” Said Joe. It was just the missing family members and a deer who introduced himself.
Brian explained what happened and in the end, everything went smoothly. They continued to party until sunrise. The deer Jeff joined. And everyone had a great night full of joy.


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