Lastly, beauty is not about what we see, it is about what we think and consider that is beauty. The meaning of beauty changes from person to person, it is subjective.

According to the Earth, the year is 1760. My name is Ria. The planet I’m on has a strange story. Our planet is one of the most distant travelers to the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy. The name of this planet is unknown. But all the surrounding planets say that we are Warriors of the Mists. The reason for this was the civil wars on our planet, which began hundreds of years ago and did not end until I was born. My dad told me the whole story. The reason for the civil wars that began many centuries ago began with a simple struggle for the throne. This struggle for the throne lasted about 10 years. And the people could not stand it, they rebelled, and for centuries everyone was hostile to each other. The uprisings have been going on for centuries and are not over. And when the throne was vacant, all the people competed for the throne. Exactly a hundred years ago, that is, according to you, in 1660, it was said that a sacrifice had to be made to the stone wall to put an end to this mess. But this person was asked to become a victim of his own free will. No one has wanted to be a victim for 100 years. But at the end of this hundred years there was a victim. That person was my mother. She saved us. My father said he didn’t even want to remember how my mother was sacrificed. I’ve never met with her. But she’s always mentioned in folk tales. No one knows who took the throne. But as long as everyone is peaceful and happy, there is no problem, even if it is not known.

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