Strict Laws Against Humanity

Most of the crimes committed today are committed either because the laws in the country are insufficient or too strict. Also, the laws must be implemented correctly and proportionate to the penalty for the crime rate to decrease in a country. Today, there are very few countries where the strictness of these laws is determined accurately. Moreover, when the strictness of the laws cannot be determined correctly, problems are observed in a short time.

One of the worst things that can happen in such a situation is that the laws are prepared very heavily. Such a situation will put a great deal of pressure on the public. In this case, the public’s relationship with the government will probably be damaged. If the government does not take a step back, the number of migrations, protests, and perhaps rebellions will increase.

Another downside is that it is open to unfair punishments. While harsh laws are used, many people can suffer unjustly severe punishments if adequately provided justice. Besides, trying to deter people with penalties works temporarily but does not give a permanent result. For example, banning the sale of cigarettes will deter people for a while. Still, after a particular time, it will start people to buy and sell cigarettes illegally.

North Korea is undoubtedly one of the best examples of countries governed by strict laws. Compared to other countries, their access to things like social media and the internet is minimal. However, it is an exception in terms of peacekeeping. Since North Korea is a country that has been governed like this for a long time, they are used to living like this, and their communication with the world is almost non-existent. On the other hand, people who have information about the situation of other countries in any way try to leave the country as much as they can. Although it is debatable how ethical this is for the people of North Korea, they are certainly doing something that no other country can do.

However, not having strict laws does not make you a developed country. On the contrary, laws that are not strict enough can create an atmosphere of chaos in society. If the law does not protect the weak or the vulnerable people, it becomes a place where the strong survive, like wildlife. And this is undoubtedly an event that will facilitate the revolt against the government.

To summarize, it is almost impossible to achieve peace with strict laws, except for North Korea. In order to prevent domestic or international uprisings, it is necessary to have a correct justice system and determine the laws’ penalties.

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