It was just another plain monday morning. Well I was gonna start my new school so that made it kind of stressing. It was alright though, everyone has changed their schools at some point. I went to the bathroom washed my face then I wore my clothes. I didn’t wanna look too relaxed or too serious. Anyways, then I ran downstairs to look at my mom and eat of course. She asked me how I felt while I was eating my sandwich. I told her “I’m not feeling anything special but it’s not like I’m not a bit stressed.”. After having a little conversation with my mom I went upstairs to get my backpack and do my hair. I had my hair straight for that day so I just brushed it then I was ready to go. I went downstairs and told my mom to drop me to the school. We hopped in the car then she drove me to the school. While we were in the car she gave me a little morale talk. I finally arrived to my new school. Told my mom to wish me luck then left for school. I thought that people were gonna be mean once they saw me. It was the exact opposite though. Everyone was so kind and friendly. Except that one boy. He got on my nerves from the first day. I was walking to my class then he hit me with his shoulder and didn’t even say sorry. He even dropped my books. It wasn’t like I was gonna let him ruin my day. I went to my class and saw him sitting there. Oh God, this was gonna be a nightmare. I sat somewhere far from his seat. Not much after teacher came to the class. It was going pretty good until that boy raised his hand to talk. He said “There are people in this class that don’t know how to do that.”. I just knew exactly who he was talking about. It was me. Because when the teacher asked me to do something I got stressed out and forgot everything. I couldn’t care less though. After weeks I had my grades up except that class. It was like a nightmare. I just couldn’t do it. He always made fun of me for not being able to do that in that class. I wanted to slap his face every time he said that. He hated me, so did I. After years of studying that class I started to do it a little bit. But it was late. Because I already left that school and almost graduated from college. But guess what. I became a doctor. After few years I became a really successful one too. So they wanted me to give my speech to a show since I was famous. So I didn’t decline. I went there then I waited. Not for long though. Finally got on the stage. Started my speech, I was getting into it until I saw that ugly monster from high school watching me give my speech. That’s how I understood I became successful.

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