Success From Siblings

Everyone wants to be successful, but what might have an impact on this aim? Some say the more the person practices, the more successful they are; some say being successful depends on how the person is brought up until this date. According to some reports, the family has a really important place in the goal of being successful. It is stated that from the way the parents of the person treat that person to the number of siblings the person has have an undeniable impact on how successful a person is in their future life. However, the report has a lack of information explaining how the number of siblings would affect the triumph of someone, and this made people have this specific question in their mind: Does it have a positive impact on a person if the person has many siblings?

After reading the report, many people believed that having many siblings would have a negative effect on how successful a person is. According to them, having fewer siblings meant more time to spend alone and more time for the person to know about themselves to fill up the missing pieces to be more successful. Moreover, they also thought that the siblings would cause a vital loss of focus in the person. According to the supporters of this statement, the person is always in need of helping their siblings therefore they have no time to focus on their own work. 

Opposing the idea of many, some believe that having siblings increase the success rate. They believe that having more siblings puts the person in more competition and ambition to win. Racing the siblings of themselves makes them work more on the thing that they are racing on, which later on leads them to be successful. Other than that idea, the idea of siblings making a person more responsible is also famous. Many people think that having some siblings make people more responsible and mature, leading them to be more successful. Also, seeing the way of doing something right or having a path to follow makes some people more successful. Having a guide makes the person confident because that person is not discovering new things and won’t be afraid of trying the stuff their siblings did.

To sum up, having siblings have both positive and negative sides. In my opinion, as a person who has a sibling, having siblings makes the person more successful by increasing the work that person put into a job and the ambition comes by. Siblings might be distracting, but in the end, they mostly make the person more responsible and thus successful.

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