Success: Guinness or Nobel

Nowadays, there is over 300 person tool Nobel prize; and over 150 human being added to Guinness World Records book. If we think logically, we would understand that there is less human took Nobel prize; since it started in 1800’s and Guinness started around 2000’s and have more records in it than Nobel prize which started at 1800’s. So, the most possible thing for this kind of situation to happen is that entering in Guinness record book is easier. Well, you can probably say there is more topics you can choose in Guinness Records Book. That is true but for entering world record, you should just do better than someone else who broke the world record before. I guess that is done so many times because its easy, but you should know you are going to change the world if you’re going to get a Nobel prize. So you will have more effect on Earth(in a good way). So in my opinion, being able to get Nobel prize is harder than entering one of the Guinness records books.

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