Today was another day of my volleyball training, but I didn’t have the energy to train. I went down to the canteen and bought chocolate for both motivation and feeling good. I noticed that one of the upper classes was looking at me carefully, I smiled and wanted to offer him the chocolate in my hand. He said that he was on a diet and that it was forbidden to consume sugary things. When I asked what else was forbidden, he said that there were sugary foods, carbohydrates, dairy products, corn and ready-made foods, and that he had a very difficult time following the diet. He left me sadly, saying that he needed to lose eight more kilograms to reach his goal. Later on, we met many times. Each time he was very unhappy. I approached him to talk a little and motivate him. He couldn’t take it anymore and said that he had broken his diet and that reaching his goal was far and impossible for him. In fact, all it took was self-confidence and I told him that I trusted him, that I believed he could do it. We left afterwards. I looked for him at school for days, three days, five days, weeks passed. It turned out that he decided not to come to the canteen in order not to spoil his motivation, and he did very well because he lost the weight he aimed for. The only thing he told me was “something that seems distant and impossible, may be close and possible in a moment”, would you always believe it? He then thanked me and walked away smiling.

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