In the past, it was thought that in order to specialize in a field, it was necessary to be gifted in that field. Later, the idea emerged that talent is not sufficient to explain the skill level, and that the experience in that subject is also very important for expertise.

Professor at the University of Chicago. Dr. Benjamin Bloom and his team, in their study in 1985, tried to determine whether people who are experts in a subject came to this level because of their innate abilities or their experience. The study interviewed 120 people with worldwide success, including pianists, tennis champions, Olympic swimmers, mathematicians and neuroscientists. At the beginning of the study, it was assumed that these individuals were naturally gifted. The results show that these people are encouraged and supported by their environment (for example, their parents, teachers) towards their current expertise. We live in a society that stigmatizes successful people as talented or geniuses. In our society – just like in any society – there is an obsession with success. Successful people are perceived as having innate talents and thus successful. They are almost seen as superior beings with supernatural powers. For example, Oscar-winning actors are thought to have deserved this award with their natural talents, as if they had never worked. However, Al Pacino stayed at the school for the visually impaired for 3 months, observed their movements and prepared for the role in order to prepare for his role in Scent of a Woman. Success is possible by watering the skill tree with practice. That is to say studying is so important for being success

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