Successful Women

Anita Roddick

Her husband was travelling all the time and Anita Roddick who wanted to support the two girls in the house began her beauty business in 1976. The Body Shop is the first mainstream initiative to clearly use concepts such as sustainability and untested products testing on animals.


Roddick started with a small shop in Brighton, England. Today there are almost 2,000 Body Shopes with 80 million customers, 25 of whom speak different languages ​​worldwide.


Dame Anita and her husband sold the company to L’Oreal in 2006.


Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely whose job was to sell photocopy machines, and also had an university degree, had an opportunity to turn the problem to an andantage from where she was living. She made a 150 million dollars venture with her Atlanta based company Spanx.

This socks company was made in 1998. Blakely couldn’t hide the lines of the laundry she wore under the white pants. In addition, he loved to wear sandals but the long socks would made that look really bad. As a result, she solved the problem with cutting the half of the socks. She then worked for two years to develop prototypes and eventually created fingerless socks.

In 2000, Spanx products started to take place in top quality stores. Today, the company has 100 different products.

Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Coco Chanel was born poor, orphaned, and her only perception was styling. When she was designing hats for women in high society, her name has spread all over the Paris society, thus becoming not only the best designer, but also a member of the upper layer.

During the Second World War, Chanel closed the fashion house and reopened it in 1954. She suddenly found herself in the world of fashion dominated by men. But ten years later the lines began to attract attention, and at the end of the century, in Time magazines she was the only fashion icon on the list of in “100 Most Important People of the Century”.

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