Summer Holiday

For people like me and me, the summer vacation is about school getting in the way, for some people being interrupted by work, for some it is just the season. Some people do it by hanging out with their friends, some people go on sightseeing tours, and for some it means resting at home.but the common denominator of all of them is that people do things they enjoy. There have been many beautiful summers that I have spent on the beaches with my friends, they have contributed a lot to me, but unfortunately I have never participated in a cultural tour. I guess it’s not a suitable form of vacation for me.The advantage of a fun holiday is that we can participate in more physical activities and experience more adrenaline. Cultural holiday, on the other hand, is a calmer and slower type of holiday.You can make many friendships here, and most importantly, you can acquire many new information and apply them in your real life. Thanks to the calmness of the cultural holiday, you can get rid of the tiredness of the year. Also, since culture means something unique to that region, you will have the opportunity to try the unique flavors of that region.The purpose of the holiday is to relieve our tiredness, so we should not think too much about this event. Cultural holidays and beach holidays have their own advantages, yes, but they should do whatever makes them happy the most. If he wants to have fun, the beach will be his first choice, but if he wants a quieter holiday, a cultural holiday will be good for own preference would be a beach holiday because we already live a stable life all year and I would choose to enjoy the beauties of summer, the sea, etc.Until this age, I have always been to the beaches during the summer holidays and I think it will continue to be so and it seems that there will never be a time for a cultural holiday. But of course I’ll try it one day, but for the moment my opinion is for a beach holiday.

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