Summer Vacation

Summer holidays are days full of good memories for almost every student. You don’t need to be rich or poor to have good days during summer holidays. In both cases, good days can be spent.
During my summer vacation, I usually prefer to read books. I like to walk along the creek near our house, which is usually dry in summer, and look for strange and interesting things. In addition, after reading comics in the evenings, I like to tour with my friends by bike and, if possible, to spend time in the greenery in the picnic areas near our house. Some of my friends work either with their father or with others during the summer vacation.
In fact, summer holidays are an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves. Sometimes you want to research, get informed, and sometimes you want to relax and enjoy your holiday. If I had to give an example of places to go on vacation:
Birgufest (Malta)
Malta is in another world position with its history to be learned and the places it contains. Birgufest is one of the events that add a different atmosphere to Malta… This event is created by burning hundreds of candles in the narrow streets of the city of Birgu, which smells of history, and a magnificent ambiance is created.
Louisiana (USA)
The region is known as the birthplace of jazz music. Louisiana, which is an ideal place to experience unforgettable moments with its different nature and structure, also offers its visitors jazz festivals in April every year.
Sydney (Australia)
The temperature is 31 degrees today. Being one of the most important port cities in the world, the city has many places to visit with its natural harbors, beaches, coves, historical buildings from the colonial period and shopping points.
Seven Lakes (Argentina)
South America has it all, jungles, beaches, mountains and the time has come for great lakes and glaciers. Welcome to the Argentine Patagonia, in a route of seven lakes each one with waters of a different color. It is recommended you to rent a car and so you can enjoy at your own pace the natural beauty of this unique environment in the world.
In conclusion, my opinion is that we as humans work hard to live and we all deserve a vacation. Personally, I would spend the first part of my holiday to relax and the next part to travel and get cultured.

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