Sun Within The Night

After a long, lonely night James decided to get out of the house and get some air. He thought he had a long long night turning right and left in his bed and the clock is about to hit 4 in the morning. He was wrong, though. The night has just begun. He then checked his phone. It was 1.37. “Shoot” he said. This night is not going to end, he thought. Darkness is eternal, it does not just walk away. It does not leve you in peace that easily. It chases and chases until you are all worn up, miserable and weak.


Jamie was looking down the window, headphones in her ears, listening to her night playlist, she saw a man getting out from the window. The man looked helpless, maybe even he was having an anxiety attack. The night was so quiet, peaceful and tranquil until that strange man jumped and walked by the garden. She was intrigued as she had never seen and the sign of life next door in 3 years she had there. At the same time, she got angry that the man ruined the silence of the night. The peace spreading through the environment was split up by the man’s inconvenient mood.


James laid down the ground, tried to feel the sunlight he felt when he laid down the grass in a sunny summer day. He couldnt. The darkness was coming towards him. The slight cold was capturing him, little by little. He could not breathe, he could not calm down. But he did not even know what the problem was. It was just that he felt like this every time he faced the darkness. He suddenly becomes overwhelmed of the loneliness of the darkness and the uneasiness of the cold whenever he faces them on his own.


Jamie took a sip from her whiskey as her favourite song started and laid back at her rocking chair then surrendered to the beat and let the warmth of the whiskey spread through every inch of her body. The wind gently carresed her hair then her face with the affection of a mother and compassion of a lover. She wanted to wake that mysterious neighbour to the beauty of the night as he was undeliberately ruining the atmosphere and also his life.


She took the bottle of the whiskey and walked towards the fences seperating them. Then she slowly shouted to the man.

James got out of the deep pit of thoughts by the warm voice of a stranger. He standed trying to see the owner of this warm, comforting voice. Her dark hair was joining the darkness of night but her green eyes were exposing the green almost gotten lost in this dark. She was night, and she was walking, but she had the sun inside, glowing.

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