Superhumans are Coming

Humans started to feel inadequate as the times passes. Although we are the ones who are improving the technology as our biology requires, we sometimes fell short at the point of keeping up with the latest updates. Therefore, we are now following a path of developing humankind. It is said that if the experiments can be completed successfully, we will have superhumans.

Some conspirators claim that many things have been invented way before they are offered in the market. Preparing people mentally is a great step of marketing for sure however this conspiracy theories become horrifying as you think about the movies on the theaters. There are many science fiction movies related with superhumans. They strongly believe if a superhuman case becomes reality, it will be extremely dangerous and instead of superhumans, they will mostly like be inhumans. Superhumans expected to be more dependent on their instincts than their mind or they basically become computers. Both ways include loss of humanity in these days.

There are two different ways that it can evolve to: First one includes a better future. Since while making superhumans we can reduce the basic instincts like hunger, thirst and getting power or money we can reduce the loss of people in many areas. Conflicts can diminish and malnutrition or dehydration to death can be destroyed.

Second way is leads to complete destruction. The path that has the ending of destruction is evolving backwards. Usage of instincts is maintained in this path. People of every land becomes living only with survival instincts, surely, it would not differ much from now because we are subconsciously living through this but right now we have some that can maintain their lives by using their mind. If we lose them in the way of wrong evolution, last castle of humankind will be lost.

Although it is an inevitable future we can at least try to lead it to the first way as much as possible. We are getting prepared with a lot of things. When the storm is arriving and you can see the tornado, what should we do to avoid is to get in to a shelter.  Best way to reduce the effect is to build that shelter right now while we just have the breeze. Scientists can try to store minds or try to find a way of escaping. We have nothing but hope against superhumans and escaping from future is just a tiny possibility against the nature of human mind.

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