If I Had Superhero Talents

If I had superhero talents. I thing I will fly teleport or immortality . Because if I fly I won’t be late anywhere. That’s why flying is a beautiful super power. It is good superpower to teleport. Because If i teleport i can steal everything;

such as money or different things.  If i can teleport i will be rich. And also having superpower is an very cool thing.

If i had immortanlity i will work for years and after i take enough money for life i will quit my job.

So if i had super powers those will my super powers.

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If I had an ability to choose superpower, it would be teleportation.
Because I could go any where I want in a second. I could go and visit my dad, I could teleport near my friend, I could teleport to supermarket, to a shopping center, to my school, painting course  etc. and I think it would be fun to do it, I wouldn’t get tired and i could have done everything. Also I wouldn’t get late to somewhere I would be just on time maybe even more earlier.
Having this kind of power is pretty good to have, I think it would be the most perfect power ever.

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