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Superstitions surround us and determine many of our everyday decisions.But why are we succumbed to superstitions? Are you a superstitious person? Most of us are somewhat superstitious, some more, others less. Everywhere we can see manifestations of superstitious behavior. And as you know, each culture has its own superstition. For example, in Chinese culture, cutting your nails late at night is a symbol of bad luck, as this can attract ghosts. In addition, each person can also come up with personal and special signs based on her or his life experience.In my opinion, superstitions relieve anxiety about the unknown and giving people a sense of control over their lives.This can also be the reason why superstitions have survived so long.Professor of psychology at Connecticut College, said that “There is evidence that positive, luck-enhancing superstitions provide a psychological benefit that can improve skilled performance. There is anxiety associated with the kinds of events that bring out superstition.” Moreover, Stuart Vyse said that The absence of control over an important outcome creates anxiety. So, even when we know on a rational level that there is no magic, superstitions can be maintained by their emotional benefit.”(1)

Superstitions provide the control feeling which is really helpful for our mental health.According to the new research from University of Chicago and University of Singapore Superstitions are extremely successful for helping people feel protected from negative outcomes.When no natural cause can explain a situation, attributing an event to a superstitious cause may give people some sense of control and ability to predict what will happen in their environment. People are more likely to attribute an event to a superstitious cause if it is negative than positive.(2)

Even though superstitions have drawbacks, it cannot refuse that they are effective and helpful in many ways.Believing something helps people in an uncertain situations and it helps us to feel good and comfortable.They increase the confidence which leads to development in person.


(1): MedicalNewsToday


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