Surprising Holiday

It was a sunny and a warm day. I was ready for school, I packed my bag and went for breakfast. I ate my breakfast with my family and my dad drove us to school. In the car my mom said,” Your father will take you from your school early.You will go to the doctor appointment.” I was quite nervous.

It was a typical school day I hanged out with my friends and entered to lessons. Everything was going normal. Then after some lessons passed and my father arrived. I packed my belongings up and I was ready for going to doctor appointment. My father drove me to my mom’s work place then we started to wait for my mom and my brother. We waited for 20 minutes and they finally came. I thought that my father was driving us to the doctor. Then the road seemed unfamiliar to me. It was like we were going to the airport. I yelled,”Are we going to the airport??”.My mother started to laugh and shaked her head as a ”yes”.We were so happy with my brother that we started to cry because of happiness.

We arrived to the airport and started to carry our luggage. After an hour we were in Cyprus. I was still shocked and happy because we were going to meet my grandparents. We lastly saw them 6 months ago. We also made a surprise for them as well. We knocked the door and screamed my grandmother’s name. She couldn’t believe that we arrived! We hugged eachother. After that day we went to visit some historical places and some parks. We went to the South Cyprus as well. We swam in the sea and the weather was really hot. Our holiday was for a week.

My short but enjoyable holiday was very nice. I really loved the surprise which my mom made. I recommend everyone to visit Cyprus as well.

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